How messed up is your life? How stressed are you? How hard are you trying to make things better? You’re mending things with the people concerned… You’re constantly working hard to repair the damage… You’re trying to get out of that depression… Constantly thinking about ways to be happy… Always brainstorming… Whatever it is you’re going through is taking a toll on you… You’re optimistic about positive results but in achieving those results of tomorrow, do you realise what are you missing? Hanging out with friends at a coffeehouse has become just unworthy waste of your precious time. Visiting or just spending some time with your family is a joke. And this is where it starts… The people closest to you start drifting away, heartaches, and then comes the time when you just don’t give a shit anymore. Why make “busy ness” your business? Why don’t you just STOP for a while? Just take a deep breath… Be around people you love, go for a movie with that special someone, keep away from the people and things that make you unhappy or pull you down, put on some music and dance around in your shorts, read a book with some coffee, go on a vacation… Explore. In short, do the things you like.Stop looking for solutions and start looking for opportunities. It’s okay to disconnect from the world for a while. Maybe things will get better by just some YOU time, rather than thinking about ways to solve those issues. Maybe, a break is all you need. 



Hello and thank you for visiting this page. This is my very first time Blogging and all of this is quite new to me. As well as scary. But I look forward to put on some good content and have a good time with all of you. So, sit back, relax.